Friday, October 2, 2009

Hello Venice. I arrived during the evening.
Once I found the accommodation Bankok House and dropped my bag I went for a wonder around the area I was staying.
This Photo was taken on the Pont di Scalzi.

This was the largest pizza I have ever seen.
Was the size of a small continent.
Even bigger than the pizza I devoured in Rome.

Ah Venice. The Grande Canal.

Yet another shot of the Grande Canal.

The domes of Basillica San Marco.



Watch out for this fellow while you travel to Murano.

La Captain of the Taxi el Murano.

Glass blowers.
Unfortunately due to some other circumstances
these where the only live act of glass blowing on the island.

A wicked Glass Sculpture.

and another.

and yet another, this was huge and very colorful.

I saw these fellows going hard out heading from Venice to Murano.
Here they are again leaving Murano.
Hmm is it Art?

Another nice shot of the Grande Canal

And yet another nice shot of the Grande Canal.
Except this on is my favorite.

Something terribly wrong here.
I since found out that Venice is built on wooden pile the were sunken into the mud down into the clay. An example would be with some of the biggest buildings would have at least 2000 piles.

Glass Clown

Piazza San Marco.

Me of course
Anyone for pizza.

I love Venice it has style unlike Rome. But they are totally two different cities. Venice has an easier access to, for one bank machines, clothes shops and art. Rome on the other hand has a wonderful array of ruins. Both cities have wonderful food. And since I'm coming back some day I would easily do it all again and again.